Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giveaway Link-Up ~ Beginning or Ending In November

I am busy searching for great giveaways & sweepstakes that I find every month...although this month I am a bit behind. And I am definitely blaming it on my pregnancy. I promise you though, you are not going to want to miss out on these great finds!
There's not time like the present to enter. Here We GO!

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Do you LOVE entering giveaways? We have a nice little assortment for you to enjoy below! AND there is no limit to the number of giveaways you can access & enter!
Do you have a giveaway beginning or ending in the month of November? 
Leave a comment with a link to your giveaway and I will add it to our ever growing list!
SO, why not link-up and share information for readers to find your great giveaways?! 
Giveaways in gray have ended, but the links remain active.
1. Choose Your Gadget Giveaway ~ The Chatty Mom (Ends 11/21)
2. It's Christmas Giveaway Event ~ The Chatty Mom (Ends 12/02)
3. Black Friday Shopping Spree Event ~ The Chatty Mom (Begins 11/08; Ends 11/29)
4. It's Christmas Bakers Edition KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway ~ Growing Up Bilingual (Ends 12/02)
5. Buick & GMC's National Sweepstakes! 2014 Vehicle of Your Choice!~ Ends 12/31/13
6. Google Chromecast ~ 20 Winners! ~ WomanFreebies (Ends 11/26)
7. Coach Tablet Case Giveaway ~ Stokes Contests (Ends 10/29) 
8.$5 Starbucks GC ~ 3 Winners! ~ Crunchy Beach Mama (Ends 11/21)
9. 9th and Elm Gift Certificates! ~ 3 Winners! (1st - $200; 2nd & 3rd - $100) ~ Still Blonde After All These Years (Ends 11/31)
10. $100 PayPal Cash & Colonic with Bodywrap ($270 total value) ~ Bargain Hound (Ends 12/11)
11. Obol Giveaway  ~ Bargain Hound (Ends 12/07) 
12. $1,000 Amazon Gift Card! ~ Growing Up Bilingual (Ends 11/29)
13. $1,000 Daily Prize ~
14. $10,000 Cover Look Sweepstakes (Furnishings!) ~ House Beautiful (Ends 3/1/14)
15. Xbox One Giveaway ~ Mom To Bed By 8 (Ends 12/02)
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